Current Products

Digital Shutdown Timer (DST-0111)

The Digital Shutdown Timer (DST-0111) is designed to maximize performance and efficiency. Primarily designed to allow a timed power source after the shutdown of a vehicle, this timer can be adapted to any number of applications where a timed power off is required. The timer starts when power is removed from the IGN pin. Once the timer starts a constant 12V will be available at the OUT pin until the selected time has been reached. The simple DIP switch setup allows easy customization of the delay time. The time is set by adding the value of each selected DIP switch (e.g. 5 min and 20 min = 25 min). If no switches are selected, the device is in test mode (no delay). Reapplying power to IGN before timer is complete will cause the timer to reset.

Headlight Flasher (HLF-0511)

The Headlight Flasher (HLF-0511) is designed to provide a consistant alternating signal to a vehicles headlights. The headlights can be driven directly(12A max) or though a relay. Signals can be sent to the HLF-0511 to stop the flashing cycle in either the on or off position. Allowing the vehicle to use the headlights under standard conditions.

Restocking Timer (RST-0214)

The Restocking Timer (RST-0214) takes the place of a standard light switch timer allowing for automatic shutoff of interior lights when temporary lighting is needed. A visual indicator shows the currenr status of the timer. This visual indicator also displays when time the time left is low, allowing the user to add time if they desire.